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Clinical Insights: Treating Painful Periods (Dysmenorrhea) with Acupuncture Part 3 - New York City

In this final post I will be discussing other commonly found anatomical impairments or acupuncture point regions that become blocked.

The second area is located near acupuncture point region Stomach 30. In the classics they refer to this area as Qi Intersection. This refers to the multitude of channels that enter and exit the abdomen.

Given that a number of channels both enter and exit this area, either joining or flowing from its respective organ, this area is one of the most important area to open for any problem affecting the abdomen and the organs. If we recognize the channel system as a pathway of blood circulation we can see significant arteries flowing into the uterus from this area. Opening both anterior and posterior circulatory systems will help reduce pain during menstruation.

Once again the major structure here is sinew, so the same technique Guan Ci should be utilized.

The last set of commonly found impairments are located along the liver and pancreas channels. The inner shin has a number of acupoint regions that should be examined and treated if they demonstrate pathology.

Acupoint region liver-5 binds to the clitoris, penis, and also joins the testes and ovaries. This point can be used for pain that occurs in all of these areas.

Spleen 8 is the xi-cleft point which is used for acute conditions that cause a lot of pain, the nature of xi cleft points also have an influence over the blood, so menses that are very heavy and painful may respond by treating this area if


The last region is liver-3 located between the first and second toes.

If this area shows changes treating it can help with menstrual pain. Like spleen 8 it can regulate the amount of bleeding during menses, often decreasing it to a great degree if the flow is heavy. The liver in Chinese medicine stores blood and is in charge of releasing it during the period. A sluggish liver will result in mood swings and PMS prior to the period. Liver 3 is the primary region to treat for these conditions, but will be especially effective if abnormal changes are found.


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