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How COVID-19 is Being Treated in China

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

In 23 of 26 provinces in mainland China, Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is used in conjunction with Western medicine to combat the severe respiratory distress Covid-19 produces. These treatments have been inspired by the SARS outbreak originating in Guangdong China in 2002 where the fatality rate was 18% in both Hongkong and Singapore; and 52% in Beijing. After implementation of TCM herbal therapy the fatality rate dropped to 1% and 4%.

According to the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NATCM) the Chinese herbal formula Qing Fei Pai Du Tang has a clinical effective rate of 90%. Similarly the Beijing Health Commission reports 92% efficacy. Please keep in mind that these are based on case studies and not double blind randomized controlled trials. Currently we are without a definitive treatment for the novel virus Covid-19, but these reports look promising.

Qing Fei Pai Du Tang is composed of 21 herbs:

  • Ma Huang 9g

  • Zhi Gan Cao 6g

  • Bai Zhu 9g

  • Shan Yao 12g

  • Ku Xing Ren 9g

  • Shi Gao 15-30g

  • Gui Zhi 9g

  • Ze Xie 9g

  • Zhu Ling 9g

  • Fu Ling 15g

  • Huo Xiang 9g

  • Chai Hu 16g

  • Huang Qin 6g

  • Jiang Ban Xia 9g

  • Zi Wan 9g

  • Sheng Jiang 9g

  • Kuan Dong Hua 9g

  • She Gan 9g

  • Xi Xin 6g

  • Zhi Shi 6g

  • Chen Pi 6g

This formula consists of strong anti-viral herbs. Currently there are three companies I know of where variations of this formula is sold.

Kamwo here in New York City sells the original formula in raw herb form where the patient takes the herbs and boils them to make a tea. Powdered herb form is also available and more convenient to take. These formulas can only be ordered by a Licensed Acupuncturist. - Has the formula Silver Flower Formula, which is based on Qing Fei Pai Du Tang. This formula comes in pill form and is made available to the general public. Dr. Jake Fratkin is a Chinese herbal medicine specialist practicing in Boulder, Colorado. Dr. Fratkin produces tinctures which are herbal formulas extracted in alcohol. His formulas are available only to Licensed Acupuncturists


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