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New Acupuncture Treatment Methods in Midtown NYC

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

I am very excited to share some recent discoveries with acupuncture. Many of you know, I have been in practice for 18 years, and during this time I firmly believed that everything that could have possibly been discovered with acupuncture occurred 2000 years ago, at the time the first text on acupuncture was written.

It's true the text laid the foundation of acupuncture theory, diagnosis and treatment, and that we needed to comb this classic in order to understand the original way acupuncture has been practiced in order to further advance the medicine.

Within the past two years, I have slowly been combining both the classical acupuncture system, that I have been trained in and love so much with modern research utilizing electro-acupuncture medicine and the results have been phenomenal.

Electro-acupuncture medicine is based on the principles of cell regeneration. It states that our cells are constantly being replaced. When the body can no longer replace cells disease occurs.

A healthy cell operates at -25 millivolts (mv). When a cell is damaged or inflammation is present that cell drops down to -50 to -55 mv in order to heal itself. If the cell is unable to drop into the healing range of -50 to -55 mv, the body stays in a constant inflammatory state.

What is needed for the cell to regenerate?

There are two major factors that influence a cell's ability to regenerate.

1) Electricity that is congruent with the body's systems. This special type of electrical charge can bring cells into a healing state. Because electricity is measurable in the body I am able to determine using how the systems are functioning with special diagnostic equipment. This equipment grades the electrical charge from a scale of 0-16 with 0 being severely deficient in electrical charge.

2) The second factor that determines the body's ability to regenerate is nutrition. The body cannot rebuild itself if the building blocks for the individual cells are not present from our diet.

Utilizing these new methods of treatments allow more objectivity as we can see the organ systems come back to life with each treatment. When the cells are holding charge the number grading should increase with each treatment until treatment of that organ system is no longer needed.

I have seen stubborn daily migraines eliminated within two treatments, blood pressure drop by 30+ points with a single treatment, severe digestive issues normalized within a couple of treatments, and faster recovery with pain and inflammatory conditions.

Want instant feedback on how your cells are recovering? I'd love to help. Call or email for an appointment. The office is located near Bryant Park.


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