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a close-up acupuncture treatment being performed.  one hand is inserting a needle the other is pressing the skin around the insertion site.

Cupping Therapy & Bodywork - NYC

A glass cup on a black background. Cupping therapy is provided at our Midtown clinic.


This modality gained recognition in the US after the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Despite its recent popularity, it is an ancient technique of releasing blockages in the muscles and tissue beneath the skin. Five minutes of cupping is equivalent to thirty minutes of deep tissue massage.  It is painless in spite of the marks that may appear. If marks appear it shows us where blood flow is inhibited.  Usually darker marks indicate areas of increased tension in the muscles, which normally clear in 3-7 days.

hand massage in midtown manhattan


Two Herbal Press balls


Individual herbs


Herbs with pain relieving properties are boiled in water for approximately 90 minutes at the clinic.  The formula is then applied and allowed to soak into the skin to warm the muscles , relieve pain, and improve blood circulation.

Chinese massage typically uses more invigorating techniques to promote blood flow to certain areas of the body.  It may be used to warm the muscles up in preparation for acupuncture treatment or at the end of the session to promote relaxation and relieve pain.

Warm herbs with blood circulating properties are massaged into the skin for the purpose of relieving pain and promoting blood circulation.  This technique is particularly beneficial when the pain is aggravated by cold weather

**Integration is based on condition. Some conditions respond best with acupuncture exclusively.

At Medina Wellness in New York City, acupuncture is combined with cupping and other types of bodywork to alleviate pain and tension, reduce stress, and promote a greater sense of well-being.  If you have had acupuncture before you may have had cupping and massage, but herbal presses and herbal soaks are exclusive services my clinic provides.  No other acupuncture clinic in NYC utilizes these modalities.

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