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Focused Acupuncture Solution Therapy (FAST) Session for Sports Injuries

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Manual Therapy for muscle pain

Focused Acupuncture Solution Therapy is an acupuncture service offered in Midtown NYC. It is designed to target sports injuries. It differs from regular acupuncture visits by treating specific disturbances in muscle function rather than the whole body.

This session is perfect for people who are in relatively good health meaning they eat regularly/have balanced diets, sleep regularly, do not regularly experience digestive distress, and have systems in place for reducing mental emotional stress.

The benefits of FAST sessions include:

  1. Restoration of Muscle Function - this means that muscles that are weak become stronger and muscle that are tight become looser. Specific muscle groups are tested and should show improvement immediately after the session ends.

  2. Reduction of Pain and Inflammation - acupuncture at specific frequency stimulation causes the body to produce natural pain killers called Beta Endorphins. Beta Endorphins are 18-33 times more powerful than morphine.

  3. Faster Recovery Time - acupuncture in general promotes circulation to the areas treated. With increased circulation, healing processes are sped up and waste products from muscles are removed more efficiently.

Acupuncture can be added to other modalities including physical therapy to rehabilitate sports injuries. When combined, progress is much faster because dysfunctional muscles are corrected allowing the patient to strengthen muscles that previously did not fire properly.


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