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Changing our Thoughts and Emotions Through Acupuncture

Updated: Jan 17

Acupuncture in combination with specific frequency stimulation causes the body to produce and release chemicals that regulate the nervous system, the immune system, and play a role in pain modulation.  The purpose of this blog is to discuss the physiological effects of specific frequencies and how these frequencies effect our emotions and thoughts.

The frequency of stimulation refers to the rate of stimulation per second.  The measurement unit is called hertz (Hz).

When 2.3 hz is applied, the body produces and releases beta endorphins.  These are natural pain relievers that make us feel good.  When beta-endorphins are released, the pain cycle leading to muscle contraction may be broken. This enables the muscles to relax, heal, and with appropriate exercises, strengthen. When beta-endorphins levels increase, mood and self image are enhanced which leads to decreases in stress, anxiety and depression.

4.6 Hz is another beta endorphin frequency but this frequency also has additional benefits of strengthening the immune system and improving cardiovascular health when applied to the arteries.  This treatment is called blood electrification.

9.1 Hz is the frequency used in treating stuck emotions. I like to use this in acute cases where the patient is experiencing the emotion very strongly at the moment. This frequency is used on the channel that resonates with a particular emotion, for example anger has an affinity for the liver channel. By treating the liver channel at 9.1 hz frequency the emotion of anger is cleared rapidly.

18.3 Hz is the frequency that resonates with the corpus collosum and helps balance both sides of the brain. This frequency is used with points that regulate appetite and our sleeping cycles. As a person's sleep improves, so does their energy and mood.

73 Hz is one of my favorite frequencies to use  It balances the hormones and is the frequency responsible for the production and release of gaba.  Gaba is an inhibitory neurotransmitter and may be used in the treatment of stress, worry, anxiety and insomnia where the mind is overactive and cannot shut off. In my opinion, the majority of New Yorkers should be treated with 73 Hz.

146 Hz is the serotonin frequency and can treat feelings of sadness and depression when people do not have enough happy thoughts. Those in chronic pain may also experience depression. Since 146 Hz regulates serotonin and is also a vasodilator frequency, when applied locally, it will cause blood circulation to rush to the treatment location reducing pain and improving mood.

Because many people living in New York City have high stress, I often combine frequencies when they come to my midtown office. When frequencies are combined, the body will produce the neurotransmitter(s) it needs. This enables the patient to let go of any thoughts and emotions that no longer serve them.


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