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Medina Wellness provides Concierge Acupuncture Services in New York City  


Acupuncture treatment and bodywork benefits the body in many conditions.  Please click the following categories for more information:

Curious how acupuncture works?  Please visit the Neijing Acupuncture page in our treatment section for more details.



The original method of acupuncture has largely been lost.  Acupuncture, as described in Nei Jing, the first book written on the subject, works on restoring and releasing abnormal tissue planes.  These areas are located in the skin, subcutaneous tissue (fat), the vessels, muscles/tendons, and bone.  Impairment of these five tissue planes may result in multiple signs and symptoms that when viewed collectively indicate a specific channel or organ system is in dysfunction.

Nei Jing Acupuncture works by rehabilitating these dysfunctional regions of anatomy resulting in acupuncture treatments that are stronger, longer lasting, and cause permanent therapeutic changes within the body.  If you are experiencing pain, that is the first signal that the body is not working properly.  Therapeutic intervention as a Nei Jing acupuncturist involves locating and repairing the specific anatomical impairment within your body so you are able to relax and live pain free. Acupuncture benefits  the entire body.  In addition to pain alleviation, acupuncture promotes better sleep quality, improves digestion, enhances energy and focus, and leads to greater feelings of overall wellness.

In contrast, most acupuncture practices in New York City focus on stimulating acupuncture points.  Often times, these patients are placed in maintenance care indefinitely to suppress their symptoms.   This has a limited effect especially when the tissue planes are in need of repair and treatment.  Chronic illnesses in most cases involve dysfunction of the five tissue planes mentioned above.    Acupuncture when practiced according to these original principles can completely reverse illness.  This work requires a great deal of care and attention.  As a result, I work exclusively with you for the full hour.


We treat a wide variety of common ailments to chronic conditions. Click below for a comprehensive list or WATCH our videos to learn more.


Learn how we can help restore your body to its natural rhythm through acupuncture treatments. Look better, sleep better & and say good-bye to pain & illness. WATCH our videos, Read our Blog, or Read Jeff's Bio & Information about Nei Jing


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I have been coming here for a couple of years since a shoulder injury at work. A coworker had told me Jeffrey Medina was THE best acupuncturist she knew, and she was not lying. 
He is highly experienced and treated my injury within a few sessions, Since I felt so much better after every appointment, I decided to keep going just to relieve other stressed areas, and treat myself to some facial renewal treatments that made me look refreshed.
I really had no idea classical acupuncture could treat so many different symptoms, and injuries.
Whatever the issue, I would recommend this practice to anyone who wants real results. You will feel better. I know I do.

 - Agathe R, Patient via YELP



Concierge Acupuncture Services
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